Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy was started in May 2003, in Emeryville, California, by Bob Baker, PT, OCS, MBA. The clinic has a movement science and bio mechanical approach. Physical Therapists study joint mobilization, movement impairment and muscle imbalances, and treat musculoskeletal problems with all these skills. Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy employs physical therapists of varied backgrounds, all with extensive post-graduate training in orthopedic physical therapy.

Clinical Approach

Our approach is bio-mechanical. We try to improve posture since we have seen that people who move better get better. This sometimes involves strengthening, stretching and cardiovascular training. We use manual therapy approaches to free soft tissue and joint restrictions. Our approach is focused on the individual problems and goals, and so unique to each patient. Home programs are promoted.

Bob Baker


Bob Baker’s first physical therapy experience was as a patient in twelfth grade.  A wrestling injury rendered him hobbling with a fully-extended ankle mid-season to just days before the county tournaments.  Bill Neil, the renowned Physical Therapist for the Baltimore Colts, advised Bob to use ice, compression, elevation in proper dosing to stop the swelling, then strips of tire treads for resistance exercise to move the ankle. This inspired treatment restored such strength in Bob’s ankle that he walked onto the tournament with only a limp to wrestle his way to the top sixteen in the state of Maryland.   

That indelible first-hand experience with the astounding healing abilities of physical therapy inspired Bob Baker’s life-long passion and deep commitment to help others in need of such treatment…and his quest to develop innovative techniques which have put him in the forefront of the field.    

With a vast range of experience spanning more than two decades, Bob Baker is a highly regarded and innovative physical therapist. Although his techniques cover a wide spectrum targeting each individual patient, he is particularly noted for his treatment encompassing movement analysis and efficiency. In 1989 and 2004, Mr. Baker completed a year-long Maitland program and, in 2005, completed further study in a one-year Kaltenborn manual therapy program, all noted studies which focused on joint mobilization and functional exercise.   

In 2006, Mr. Baker was awarded his Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) designation by the American Physical Therapy Association. In 2008, Bob completed a yearlong fellowship called GIFT with Gary Gray, PT for functional based workouts.  The following year, he started an evidence based PhD program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Provo, UT with particular focus on sports and orthopedic physical therapy. Concurrently, he completed a six-month movement science program in Los Angeles with the noted Clare Frank, DPT, FAAOMPT.  In 2010 and 2011 Mr. Baker studied motion analysis with Chris Powers, PhD, PT at the Movement Performance Institute in Los Angeles. 

His research focus since 2009 is muscle imbalances related to Iliotibial Band Syndrome, the second most common running injury. Mr. Baker has co-authored one review article on iliotibial band syndrome in PM&R in 2011, and contributes to this topic in the BMJ BestPractice (2012-2014). He is also an experienced peer reviewer for various medical journals.

Bob Baker is a physical therapist with a broad range of evaluation skills which offers strategic direction. Of particular importance to his patients, Mr. Baker’s movement science background looks at movement inefficiencies in day-to-day function to target optimal results. His passion is physical therapy and his goal is to motivate and teach a more healthful lifestyle that includes physical enjoyment. A sports enthusiast, Bob has competed in wrestling, tennis, baseball, volleyball, and football. It comes as no surprise, perhaps, that his three children are active in a wide variety of sports and his 6 1/2 year old son, Jack, has already participated three and one-half years in organized soccer.