Physical Therapy Exercise 101

Want to know more about Physical Therapy?

Bob Baker, PT would be glad to find appropriate reading for your problem. If you would like specific read recommendations please email here. Here are our recommended readings and links.

Recommended Reading:

Our favorite patient resource is This website screens the material for evidence based medicine. You will find direction to medical guidelines such as The Mayo Clinic. Also, you can secure background information on physician diagnoses and drug actions.

Google is a good resource but lacks some of the screening of Medline plus. Google works by connector words such as “AND” “OR”, so try to focus your search with connectors. Keep in mind that the information may vary in quality more so than

Equipment Websites:

  • – Ask for Tammy Parker. Good source of sport cords, tapes, lotions, wrist braces, exercise balls, TENS electrodes. SI belts are available.
  • – Sports training equipment including sports cords, weights, ankle bands, exercise balls, and foam rollers. Also, this website is good for coaches that need field training equipment like cones, ladders and hurdles. This firm sells dyna disks for ankle balance.
  • – Another source of high quality exercise balls and foam rollers. Has a great wooden balance board that is not too difficult. You will find McKenzie lumbar and cervical pillows, posture supports, and educational books.