ESPT is constantly changing based on evidenced based practice. We innovate and bring to clients the latest techniques in orthopedic physical therapy, physical health and wellness. One key to good physical health is detail in alignment so that muscles work in balance to optimize performance.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Physical Therapy uses modalities, manual therapies and exercises to help people recover from muscle and skeletal problems. The goal is to restore better function by improving the way you train your body. Sometimes skilled hands are helpful to assist in the recover. Other times, it is specific direction in exercise and training that helps. Typically, our approach is blended hands on and exercise.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy consults to corporations on health and wellness. We use early intervention strategies to improve muscle performance at work and sport. Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy is passionate about promoting active lifestyles. The belief is that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, and vice versa.

Price and Payment

Private Insurance: ESPT is on the majority of private health insurance plans including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, and Medicare. We bill insurance plans and verify your coverage. Monthly invoices are provided with explanation of benefits. Payment of deductible and co-pay/co-insurance can be made by MC/Visa and check as you attend physical therapy or monthly with invoices. Payment plans are open to discussion given your particular needs. For insurance verification:

Workers Compensation: Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy participates with a variety of networks. Our front office can assist in the authorization process. The physician office will provide a prescription and progress report, and often initiate the authorization process. Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy is familiar with most of the insurance firms. We are available to assist with the authorizations.

Assistance: Email or call 510.653.5151 and ask for verification of insurance benefits. Our receptionist will be happy to verify your benefits. For any special issues feel free to ask to speak to Bob Baker, PT, OCS, MBA/Owner.

Frequently Asked Questions on Billing: What is a deductible? Many private insurance plans require that you pay a certain amount before they cover medical expenses. Once met, the insurance company will begin to make payment towards medical services. Occasionally, some services are paid without a deductible. Usually, physical therapy is paid after the deductible is met. You should be aware of your deductible because it can result in an unexpected medical bill. ESPT advises paying an estimated amount for your visits if your deductible is large. Deductibles range from $0 (strong private health plan) to $6,000 (families with low premiums and health spending accounts).

Suggestion: Discuss your deductible and estimated cost when you start physical therapy.

What is a co-pay or co-insurance? Unique to your plan and based on the premium you pay, the insurance company may require you to pay a portion of your bill. The co-insurance may be in percent of total bill. The co-pay may be a fixed amount such as $10 per visit. You can pay an estimated co-insurance with each visit, or the actual co-pay with each visit. Discuss this topic with our receptionist as you start physical therapy.

Cash based pricing is available. Master Card, Visa and personal checks are accepted. Please call for our rates.

ESPT is limited in taking lien cases. Please call to discuss if this is an issue. Generally an attorney will write a letter of protection to include Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy for payment at conclusion of the case. Often, insurance will pay for medical care once the claim is accepted.

ESPT is on many of the Workers Compensation networks. Case managers and physicians use our services for a variety of workers compensation cases.