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ESPT utilizes the power of Movement in healing.

Our approach is based on the idea of understanding every patients “WHY” they are having pain. We look into the reasons of why patients may be suffering from tendonitis, low back pain, and even a ligament or tendon tear requiring surgery. We look for those contributing impairments that may be causing the pain and targeting those during treatment. We analyze impairments to focus on the whole body and not just treating the site of the pain.


Your personal physical therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain. Our team of expert physical therapists will design a treatment plan based on your sport or movement needs and goals. ESPT is the premier physical therapy solution in Northern California.

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Our therapists have vast experience treating everyone from Olympic athletes to "Weekend Warriors." We pride ourselves in a thorough first evaluation and understanding your goals. We want to ensure you have a full understanding of how we are going to heal you, and for you to understand how much we truly care.

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Our rehabilitation philosophy is based on movement. We believe the functional exercise program which we have created will not only heal you, but will also provide you a strong foundation to avoid future injury. Static activity can only take you so far, let us help "move" you towards your goals.

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Drew Morcos

Drew Morcos



Bob Baker

Bob Baker

Senior Vice President of Operations


Colin McDannel

Colin McDannel

Clinical Director


Marcus Pedroza

Marcus Pedroza

Physical Therapist


Connie Chan

Connie Chan

Physical Therapist Student FULL BIO
Allie Oilar

Allie Oilar

Physical Therapy Aide FULL BIO
Jordan Windham

Jordan Windham

Physical Therapy Aide FULL BIO
Kristin Kodama

Kristin Kodama

Physical Therapy Aide FULL BIO
No matter whether your condition was caused by playing sports,
a work related accident, or otherwise, we welcome the opportunity to heal you.

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Always striving for 5 stars!

Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy is the most customer-focused physical therapy network in Northern California. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and even track our patients’ feedback in real-time to constantly monitor it.

We’d love to get your feedback! Your review not only helps us, but it helps those interested in Physical Therapy understand the benefits. Our patients’ voices truly matter.


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  • Tamara T.

    5 star rating My experience with Bob Baker far exceeded two prior attempts to alleviate pain with physical therapy. (My diagnosis is grade 1 spondylosis or arthritic degeneration in one lumbar area.)  Those were with therapists within my health insurance plan. Similar to... Read More  - 12 Feb 2019

    Mark T.

    5 star rating As a child and young adult I found physical therapy to be a place that tried to apply expensive equipment via cookie-cutter treatments. That all changed when I finally met Bob at Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy. He truly listened to... Read More  - 11 Feb 2019

  • Lindsay Wandzilak

    I was introduced to Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy several years ago when living in the Bay area. I had a GREAT experience...everything from the front desk to the actual treatments were first class. I've been to several PT... Read More  - 09 Feb 2019

    James M.

    5 star rating I recently visited ESPT and was blown away by the experience. Everything is top notch. The staff is highly knowledgeable and engaging and seems to genuinely care about my recovery. AND, unlike most other clinics that limit your time with... Read More  - 09 Feb 2019

  • Jordan Wolff

    Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy is the best! I’ve been to multiple clinics around Oakland and nothing compares. Tiffany at the front desk and my therapist Marcus we’re both terrific. I would recommend to anyone that needs some sports therapy to... Read More  - 08 Feb 2019

    Matt R.

    5 star rating I'm a devotee of the approach Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy takes to fixing the structure and function of a body in order to relieve pain and restore performance. Working with these folks restored my life and helped me get back... Read More  - 08 Feb 2019

  • Steve Early

    My wife and I have both gotten PT help at Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy. This practice is always extremely attentive to individual patient problems and very prompt and flexible in its scheduling of appointments. Bob Baker and his co-workers were... Read More  - 07 Feb 2019

    Thea D.

    5 star rating I came to ESPT for an injured quad due to running and I couldn't be happier with the results! I felt like everyone on staff truly cared about my well-being. Tiffany made me feel right at home and then I... Read More  - 07 Feb 2019

  • Lori H.

    5 star rating I was in town for an extended period of time for work and wanted to continue my PT treatment for my shoulder... I am so grateful I found ESPT. Colin was great and was able to pick up where my... Read More  - 07 Feb 2019

    Cairo T.

    5 star rating Bob Baker is the best physical therapist, not just in the East Bay, but in the whole Bay Area. The care,  the attention, the knowledge, and the determination to make you feel better are simply matchless. He worked with me... Read More  - 07 Feb 2019

  • Hkv N.

    5 star rating Bob and his team are superb. I came to ESPT because I wanted to get back in shape. I've been given a very aggressive treatment plan with a lot of programs and exercises. They explained the cause of pain/weaknesses and... Read More  - 07 Feb 2019

    Jud Y.

    5 star rating Bob and his crew were awesome. He is very knowledgeable and set me up with a set of exercises that allowed me to get back to a path of healing and strengthening  - 07 Feb 2019

  • christopher lee

    Bob and his staff are outstanding their field. They are professional, knowledgeable and caring. I've been coping with several herniated discs and they've given me the tools to address this challenge and I use them at home, at... Read More  - 06 Feb 2019

    Ivo Kos

    Bob helped me with back pain. He is very knowledgeable, resourceful and his massage is the best!  - 06 Feb 2019

  • Jeff Morgan

    Dr Bob & his staff were amazing! I am a distance runner and my ankles were flaring up after a few short miles. The Staff at Emeryville sports took great care of me as got me back on... Read More  - 06 Feb 2019

    David Hunter

    I was skeptical about the benefits of PT but I had a great experience working with Bob and his team. During my first visit he did an evaluation where he had me walk ten steps while he taped it. We... Read More  - 06 Feb 2019

  • Jennifer Leung

    Very knowledgeable physical therapists. Helped a great deal in improving my shoulder pain. Wonderful support staff.  - 06 Feb 2019

    Sally Freedman

    Bob Baker and his staff are an incredible resource - devoted to teaching you to heal your injuries with knowledge, attention and kindness. Bob is the best physical therapist I've been to, and he applies his experience in encouraging... Read More  - 06 Feb 2019

  • Suzanne G.

    5 star rating My husband and I have both gotten PT help at Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy. This practice is always extremely attentive to individual patient problems and very prompt and flexible in its scheduling of appointments. Bob Baker and his co-workers were... Read More  - 06 Feb 2019

    Gary M.

    5 star rating I was referred to Bob for a repetitive stress injury, too much typing and computer work. Bob is amazing at explaining the complete physiology on movement, posture, and anatomy. The deeper understanding was very important for me to know why... Read More  - 06 Feb 2019

  • Yes I.

    5 star rating Bob is an amazing therapist, the best I've ever had (and I've seen a lot of PTs over the years). He's an out of the box thinker, and helped me with an exercise plan based on my individual needs. Any... Read More  - 06 Feb 2019

    David H.

    5 star rating I was skeptical about the benefits of PT but I had a great experience working with Bob and his team (Olivia and Tiffany are both great too). During my first visit he did an evaluation where he had me walk... Read More  - 06 Feb 2019

  • Chris E.

    5 star rating I initially decided to go to Emeryville Sports Therapy because I'm an avid skier and had a ski accident that tore my meniscus and there was no longer an ACL Because of my age several doctors felt I could just... Read More  - 06 Feb 2019

    Jennifer L.

    5 star rating Bob came highly recommended by my doctor. I was suffering from shoulder pain. After several months of treatment, the pain was almost all gone. I was still experiencing some nagging pain that wasn't going away. I finally went to see... Read More  - 05 Feb 2019

  • Bettina K.

    4 star rating Bob Baker is a professional in every sense!  He also referred me to top notch massage therapist and pilates studio.  Bob is thorough and took the time with me each visit.  He knows his stuff and is results oriented!  - 05 Feb 2019

    Kathryn H.

    5 star rating Bob at Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy is the best therapist I've ever been to--and I've seen a lot.  I have many tendon issues, and he has really helped me move forward in strengthening my joints and addressing pain.  I cannot... Read More  - 05 Feb 2019

  • L. O.

    5 star rating Went to Bob of Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy in 2017 for 5 mos of physical therapy and again in 2018 for different issues. He helped me tremendously in dealing with my issues and teaching me self-maintenance practices to keep my... Read More  - 05 Feb 2019

    Zoe B.

    5 star rating I came to ESPT after a knee dislocation a few month ago and had an excellent experience. The staff is friendly, helpful, and always ready to answer any questions that come up. The aides were all great to work with... Read More  - 17 Jan 2019

  • Gina T.

    5 star rating I cannot say enough good things about Bob and his team. He's the only physical therapist I have had who had actually heard of my condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. He's also just a really kind person. It feels like going into... Read More  - 07 Jan 2019

    Terry P.

    5 star rating I've been coming here for a while. While contemplating whether or not to get surgery, Bob helped me try to heal myself, and strengthen my body. He was a big factor in deciding how to proceed with my problem. Once... Read More  - 23 Dec 2018

  • Samantha R.

    5 star rating I had an amazing experience with Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy! I lingering knee pain from running and visited several doctors, chiros, pt's in the area and finally landed on Emeryville Sports PT and it could not have been a better... Read More  - 12 Oct 2018

    Chris E.

    5 star rating I have been to several physical therapists in the last 3 years. I am an avid skier & just had back surgery.  I can not emphasize enough how unique Bob & Tiffany are.  What they did was different than any... Read More  - 26 Feb 2018

  • Anne C.

    5 star rating I went to this PT for my knee pain, took a fall in April, had MRI in June, my doctor was

    hoping I don't have to do surgery so PT was suggested, my therapist was very knowledgeable about my condition... Read More  - 20 Sep 2017

    Eva S.

    5 star rating I dislocated my elbow while snowboarding, and had to start PT two weeks after the accident happened. Emily was very careful to explain how the recovery process would work and helped me back to where it was before. She was... Read More  - 08 Jun 2017

  • Shahin K.

    5 star rating I never leave Yelp reviews, but I felt compelled to write one for Bob and Emeryville Sports PT.

    I've never had a Physical Therapist that was as knowledgeable, caring or available as Bob. Just today, I emailed him at 9 AM... Read More  - 20 May 2017

    Richard L.

    5 star rating After spraining or tearing something in my shoulder while playing tennis several months ago, I experienced persistent pain that made it difficult to exercise and even awakened me at night. Eventually I was discouraged enough to visit my physician, who... Read More  - 22 Apr 2017

  • pierre p.

    5 star rating I'll be updating this review as I go. Just Had my 1st visit with Bob. His assessment was thorough and dead on. So far so good. Already feeling better than I did (Placebo effect I suppose.)  - 24 Mar 2017

    Bob S.

    4 star rating I tore the tissue behind my kneecap skiing last year.  Even with a brace from the knee surgeon my knee still hurt after a full day of skiing or hiking.  Emily and Evan put me through  a series of exercises... Read More  - 14 Nov 2016

  • Emma Rudié

    Seems like a cruel joke to have a PT place up a flight of stairs (I was on crutches when I first started coming), but word-to-the-wise: there's an elevator in the middle of the building complex!

    All the staff here were... Read More  - 28 Jul 2016

    Ashley C.

    5 star rating Emily has been an amazing help for me in my journey through hip issues! She is knowledgeable, listens to my concerns, and thinks carefully about the best course of treatment. My pain and range of motion have improved tremendously, and... Read More  - 23 May 2016

  • Leila K.

    5 star rating This is one of the best physical therapy practices in the east bay. Between my mom, my dad, myself, and my husband we cannot say enough great things about Bob Baker and his wonderful staff.  Everyone is nice and professional.... Read More  - 25 Apr 2016

    Carol S.

    5 star rating This is a great physical therapy practice.  The staff are all very professional and friendly.  Bob Baker is extremely knowledgeable and takes time to educate his clients.  He also makes the visits fun, which is especially important when you're in... Read More  - 25 Oct 2015

  • Robert M.

    5 star rating I'm reviewing Bob Baker and Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy not for their PT, but rather for their high ethics and professionalism as a health care provider.  I came there with a prescription for PT for my hand.  Bob took the... Read More  - 06 Jun 2015

    Max A.

    5 star rating Best in town. The people who work here are genuinely great people, with large hearts. Bob and everyone else knows exactly what they're doing and have all the right equipment/experience to do it.  - 05 Jun 2015

  • Rachael M.

    5 star rating I came to Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy after a horse had fallen on top of me in an accident and I strained my knee. Within less than 15 minutes Bob asked me if I had experienced any other kind of... Read More  - 06 Jan 2015

    Karma R.

    5 star rating So I ran into a wall in a parking lot and injured my foot. Seen a half-dozen people for this injury and I don't know why I didn't go to a Physiotherapist first! Stubborn.  I'm a body worker and I... Read More  - 06 Aug 2014

  • dennis r.

    5 star rating I just wrote a long review for these guys and it vanished, not uncommon with my minimal internet skills, but they are so good I felt I had to write it again (whoops, just saw the "save now").  So back... Read More  - 29 Jul 2014

    Lee Keenan

    Doctor Bob, Robin & all the staff are excellent. Thanks.  - 17 Mar 2014

  • Mary Baker

    By "loved it" I mean Physical Therapists know their stuff. Did not "love" the pain so much, but progress can sometimes be painful.

    Very convenient and very nice people. I first thought it was odd that they were on a... Read More  - 12 Mar 2014

    Suzanne R.

    5 star rating No wonder it's all five stars, it is just pure pleasure--well, tiny bit of pain, but good pain--to be at ESPT in the hands of Bob Baker and Jonathan. First time in a long time I could imagine a solution... Read More  - 02 Nov 2013

  • Derrick F.

    5 star rating I had surgery to repair a broken foot, and my surgeon had recommended Bob for my physical therapy treatment. Bob and his staff are great! They really care about your well-being and make sure you are always comfortable. Every one... Read More  - 30 Sep 2013

    Nancy P.

    5 star rating When I approached Bob I was in considerable pain and unease due to my back problem from two misaligned discs on my spinal chord. I was debating between physical therapy vs a back surgery. After two months of weekly therapy... Read More  - 16 Jul 2013

  • Julia Shel W.

    5 star rating The definition of five stars is Woohoo! As good as it gets and when you are dealing with Physical Therapy thats pretty unheard of. Not here at Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy. Bob and his entire team are all about YOUR... Read More  - 18 Jun 2013

    Franz H.

    5 star rating Laura treated my back. She was very thorough in looking for the root cause and then treated it properly. I felt very treated and got the impression that they really know what they are doing and that they go the... Read More  - 12 Jun 2013

  • Lindsay R.

    5 star rating I finally made a PT appointment after weeks, even months, of my shouldering bothering me. I'm a rock climber and was nervous that the PT would tell me I shouldn't be climbing anymore, at least while I rehabbed my shoulder.... Read More  - 22 Mar 2013

    Krisna H.

    5 star rating As a former professional dancer and current owner of a Pilates' studio I feel highly confident in recommending Bob Baker and his team at Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy. Bob is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the moving body.... Read More  - 15 Feb 2013

  • Candace S.

    5 star rating My first visit to ESPT was so tremendously helpful.  I went to my appt with my general dislike of those in the medical field due to repeated mishaps and let downs.  Bob and his staff restored my faith and put... Read More  - 12 Feb 2013

    Noah H.

    5 star rating This is my third physical therapist in recent memory for a variety of occupational and sports related injuries and far and away the best I have worked with. Bob is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and so is Jonathan and the... Read More  - 30 Nov 2012

  • Chuck K.

    5 star rating Really liked the PT and staff here. I had good results and and will continue to see them as much as I can.

    The only issue is they are above a pizza place, and the whole office smells like pizza!  - 12 Oct 2012

    Georgia W.

    5 star rating All of the staff are very friendly and knowledgable. Bob is a wonderful diagnostician finding exactly where it hurts and deciding how to treat in order to promote healing. His hands on approach is excellent. Jonathon is excellent also in... Read More  - 14 Aug 2012

  • Jeff H.

    5 star rating Stumbled, (no pun intended), on to this group, luckily.  If you have joint, bone, muscle or other problems, dislocated, broken, torn or other, GO HERE.  I had Laura C assigned to me.  She's all over the situation and truly focused.... Read More  - 10 Aug 2012

    Kimberly F.

    5 star rating I had a full hip replacement February 2012, my surgeon suggested ESPT,  and they (Jonathan and Bob) supported me through the complications I had and all along the way insured my wellness and wellbeing! I highly recommend the entire staff... Read More  - 19 Jul 2012

  • Kriya C.

    5 star rating After an ACL Reconstruction surgery, my surgeon recommended me to ESPT.  Bob, the physical therapist and Jonathan, PT aid, are very professional and friendly.  Bob took time to explain the treatment plan, going over expectations over the coming months.  The... Read More  - 13 Jul 2012

    Markus N.

    5 star rating Thought of these guys the other day when I ran.  Which, by the way, is not the way I like to get my heart rate up.  But it's good to be able to do if you need to get away... Read More  - 09 Sep 2011

  • Parlando R.

    5 star rating I have had several encounters with physical therapy over a lifetime that has included some serious injuries. Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy is in a class unto itself in several regards. When you first enter and observe the activity, it is... Read More  - 08 Jun 2011

    Jennifer M.

    5 star rating I can't count the number of different physical therapy offices I've gone to over time The physical therapists here have outshone them all. I've had different injuries over time leading to compensation and as a result changes in the way... Read More  - 12 Oct 2010

  • unhei k.

    4 star rating I broke my fibula 6 weeks back and recently switched to sneakers from a boot. (Okay, to be honest, I wore heels last week and ended up with radiating pain and tingling sensation down my toes. Silly me.) Back to... Read More  - 30 Jun 2010

    Oaklandish a.

    5 star rating I've been to physical therapy a number of times over the years, and ESPT is hands down my favorite.

    Why I love it:

    -you do your exercises there while being watched and coached:  This is important to insure that you are doing... Read More  - 02 Jun 2010

  • Mike L.

    5 star rating These guys are really good. I've gone to them for a number of appointments, first for a foot problem, then following knee surgery. In both cases, they helped me a lot.

    The owner, Bob Baker, is very knowledgeable and very... Read More  - 25 Mar 2010

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