2322 Powell Street Emeryville, CA 94608 United States

About Emeryville

We Are Movement Specialists.

ESPT utilizes the power of Movement in healing.

Our approach is based on the idea of understanding every patients “WHY” they are having pain. We look into the reasons of why patients may be suffering from tendonitis, low back pain, and even a ligament or tendon tear requiring surgery. We look for those contributing impairments that may be causing the pain and targeting those during treatment. We analyze impairments to focus on the whole body and not just treating the site of the pain.


 Everything we do starts and begins with the customer. From your first interaction, to your celebratory last session, we are here to support, serve, and heal you.


Our staff is dedicated to creating an energetic, positive environment creating an atmosphere where our clients look forward to coming to see us.


The culture at EPT promotes accountability for both our employees and our clients. We firmly believe that if we are accountability to both one another, and ourselves, that that success of health and wellness will be exponentially higher.


Our goal is to help you reach you goals. We are 100% dedicated to making this happen and understand that there may be a long road and a lot of hours until success happens. We are there from start to finish.


Our employees are dedicated to giving the upmost quality of care and are continuously educating themselves on the most recent trends in physical therapy.  Additionally, they are some of the most respected individuals in the industry.


Everything we do is based on movement.  When your blood is flowing, and your joints, muscles, and tendons are working together, we truly believe that you can be healed faster.