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Providing the best experience for our clients is of the utmost importance to our clinic.  We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible regarding your insurance and understand that it is specific to each individual client.

For further clarification or a personal consultation, please call us at 510-653-5151 or email

Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy is a part of a preferred provider organization called Physical Therapy Provider Network (PTPN), which grants an extremely broad base of insurance options. This group also manages application to most commercial insurance firms, and manages relationships with workers compensation networks.

In General:

  • Anthem/Blue Cross PPO – In network
  • Blue Shield PPO – In network
  • AETNA PPO – In network
  • Most HMOS – Not in network
  • CIGNA PPO – Out of network – CIGNA has hired a managed care group, American Specialty Health, to manage their utilization.  Our opinion is that to be in network would affect highest quality services.
  • United PPO – Out of network – United Health Care is highly managed, so the in network rates and process are not consistent with highest quality services.
  • Self-Pay Clients – Emeryville Sports Physical Therapy maintains very reasonable self-pay rates. We have a large client base that self pays, given limited services available through HMOs.